Jason Lapierre Memorial Scholarship

 On July 19th, 2006 Jay Lapierre was killed while out on a training ride just west of Calgary. 

To honour his contribution to the community a few of his friends have decided to set up a scholarship fund through the University of Calgary. 

Jay, 34, was a teammate, training partner and great friend and had wrapped himself around the entire triathlon community in Calgary.  He was super supportive of his training partners, always game to push just a bit harder and make you hurt out on the road.  The whole time he'd be encouraging you to push and make you feel like a million bucks for making it to the end. 

What a lot of his training partners didn't see was the other aspects of Jay's life.  His ski coaching career was spectacular.  He was instrumental in turning a Calgary based club completely around and putting skiers on the provincial and national ski teams.

A technician - he'd spend hours with single athletes working on balance and really fine tuning their technique.  He also pioneered a skills development program for younger skiers in that club - which he saw as crucial to developing the next Olympians. 

This scholarship will be open to any undergraduate student in the Faculty of Kinesiology.  In the spirit of Jay's contributions to the sport community - eligible students will be registered triathletes, varsity team distance runners, ski racers or ski coaches. 

We have set a fund raising goal of $20,000.  This would enable us to set up an Endowment Fund with the University of Calgary and offer a $1000 scholarship every year - in perpetuity. 

We are now asking the triathlon, ski, and running communities to help us raise the funds and build the legacy.  Donations are tax deductible and can be made directly to the University. 

If you wish to donate using your Visa or Mastercard, email Kathleen Specht at the University of Calgary (kespecht@ucalgary.ca).   Donations by cheque are payable to the University of Calgary - Jason Lapierre Memorial Scholarship. 

The mailing address is:

The University of Calgary
Development Office, CHD 626
2500 University Dr NW
Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4

If you have any questions about the fund, please contact
Michael Hayes (403)-292-6446 or michael.hayes@nrc.ca
Kyle Marcotte (403)-276-6771 or   dukyle@yahoo.com
Hal Kuntze  (403)-512-0822 or  kuntzeh@telusplanet.net