Make a Gift of Shares

Two simple ways to give shares

You can make a gift of shares to the University of Calgary by transferring them electronically, or by endorsing
your share certificates and delivering them to our financial agents, RBC investments or Scotia McLeod Inc.

Find out how the university values gifts of shares as of October 19, 2009.

To see how a gift of shares might affect your tax credit, use our Publicly Traded Securities Calculator.

If you are considering making a gift of shares for 2017, please do so before December 13, 2017 to ensure the gift is completed before December 31.

Electronic Transfers
Electronic transfers allow you to conveniently and directly transfer publicly-traded securities to the university.
We strongly recommend that you consult your financial advisor or securities broker before doing so.

1.  Instruct your financial advisor, securities broker, or other financial representative to transfer shares
     to the university through our brokers, RBC Investments or Scotia McLeod.

2. Use one of the forms below and follow the instructions on the form.

     RBC Gift of Shares donation form                        
     Scotia McLeod Gift of Shares donation form

3. Contact Sherry Dahl at the Development Office, (403) 210-3873 or of your intentions to
transfer shares so that we can be aware and watch for the shares to arrive in our account. Please provide the name
of the shares and approximate value of the share donation.

Please note: Transferring shares between brokerage firms often takes 3 to 4 business days, in which time
price fluctuations can occur. It is the University of Calgary's policy to sell donated securities as soon as possible.
Your gift will be valued at the closing price on the day the security is received in our account and you will be
issued a charitable tax receipt for that value.

Contact our financial agents for share transfers:

RBC Investments
14th Floor, 333 7th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta  T2P 2Z1
Dave Simpson, Investment Advisor
Tel: (403) 266-9651
Fax: (403) 299-7100

Scotia McLeod Inc.
Suite 300, 119 - 6th Ave S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0P8
Brett J. Standen, Wealth Advisor
Tel: (403) 213-7325
Fax: (403) 298-4044

For more information about making a gift of shares to the University of Calgary,
call the Sherry Dahl at the Development Office (403) 210-3873

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