Frequently asked questions about giving to the university

What types of gifts are accepted?
We accept many different types of charitable gifts, ranging from gifts of cash to gifts-in-kind.

How much should I give?
There is no minimum or maximum. Each gift from every donor is valued for its thoughtfulness and generosity.
Can I specify how my gift is spent?
We encourage donors to designate their gift to a project that is important to them.  We recommend that you contact us to discuss your wishes so that we can determine a designation that closely matches your needs and interests, and meets the university's Gift Acceptance Policy criteria. 

Can you help me decide which projects and campaigns to support?
We can help you match your areas of interest to our funding priorities. You can also make your gift 'undesignated,' which means the funds will be used to support our most urgent priorities.

Are gifts from alumni handled differently?
All gifts to the university are managed with professionalism and care.  Gifts from alumni are credited to the Alumni Annual Fund. If they are undesignated gifts, they are directed to one of the priorities identified by the University of Calgary Alumni Association.

What does the university do with my gift?
Once you have selected where you want your gift to go, it is transferred to a designated account. If you have made an undesignated gift, the funds will be allocated immediately to support the university's most urgent funding need.

Will I receive a tax receipt?
All gifts made to the University of Calgary are eligible to receive a tax receipt. We forward tax receipts as soon as possible following receipt of your gift. The receipt value is based on the current fair market value of the gift. 

How does the university determine its fundraising priorities?
The university's fundraising priorities reflect its key academic strengths and areas of focus as outlined in its academic strategy and business plan.

What is a deferred gift and is it eligible for a tax receipt?
Deferred gifts, or planned gifts, are gifts which the university will receive at a future point in time.They include gifts of life insurance, RRSP assets, publicly listed securities and gifts-in-kind. Certain types of deferred gifts are eligible for tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules. Tax receipts for bequests and estate gifts are issued to the donor's estate. 

Can my gift be anonymous?
Many people prefer their gift to remain anonymous and we respect and honour their wishes.  We ask our anonymous donors to consult with us directly to arrange the appropriate level of privacy.

What is the University of Calgary Foundation?
The University of Calgary Foundation was dissolved on Dec. 8, 2008.

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