Commemorative Giving

Acknowledging and remembering the special people in your life. 

Each year, people pay tribute to friends and loved ones in a truly unique way, by making a gift
to the University of Calgary in their honour or memory.

Honorary Gifts

Ask your friends and family to contribute to the University of Calgary for your next special occasion.
For marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, graduations, or retirements, more and more
people are choosing to celebrate their special events by supporting the university.
See the honorary gifts that have been created at the university.

Memorial Gifts

The University of Calgary will help you create a legacy in honour of a loved one. Our donors find that giving to the university in
memoriam is a way to remember that special person while supporting the next generation.
the memorial gifts that have been created at the university.


How to set up your Honorary or Memorial Gift

We will help you set up a gift fund to celebrate a special occasion or to honour a loved one. Typically, donors
choose a priority that matches the interest of the person they are remembering or paying tribute to and designate
the gifts to that project. Setting a fundraising goal will encourage friends and family to participate in your giving project.

Once you have determined your priority project and fundraising goals, the University of Calgary will establish the gift
fund and collect donations on the fund's behalf. We will also help you determine the most appropriate form of recognition.

To create a new honorary or memorial fund, please contact Annual Giving
Tel 403-220-8261

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