Student Awards

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, thousands of University of Calgary students receive much-needed financial support. Funding support not only gives students who are in need access to post-secondary education, it also allows us to attract the best and brightest minds.

Student awards give students a chance -- a chance to fulfill a life ambition, a chance to build a career, a chance to develop the skills to become a future leader. But student awards are much more than that. They are a vote of confidence in our students, they instil a sense of pride and encourage them to do their best.

Support a student!

There are many ways and reasons to support our students. Some of our donors establish student awards to remember a loved one; others establish a scholarship that supports industry leading research. Whatever your reason, we can help you match your support with a relevant student award program. You can choose to contribute once or many times to an existing student award, or create a new limited term or endowed student award.

Existing Award
Contribute to an existing student award program on a one-time or annual basis. We accept gifts of any amount for an existing student award.

Limited Term Award
Establish an annual student award with a minimum value of $2,000 and five years.

An endowed student award benefits students in perpetuity. The gift is invested in its entirety and the award is supported by the interest alone. A minimum of $25,000 is needed to establish an endowment award.

For more information about supporting students, contact: Susan Wessels, Director of Development, Student Awards and Strategic Initiatives: or 403.220.3716.

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