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The Raiser's Edge Help Desk is the online portal for Raiser's Edge help and resources for UCalgary staff. Through the RE HELP Desk we offer support and guidance to help UCalgary staff to become competent and confident in using Raiser's Edge. This is your gateway to connect with the Data & eSolutions Team who manages and maintains the database and to the latest news and information about Raiser's Edge.

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Data & eSolutions Announcements 

The Data & eSolutions team is happy to announce that we have a full team that is ready to help you with your Raiser's Edge questions.

Data & eSolutions Team

The Data & eSolutions team is part of the Development Services group within the development office. The team’s primary focus is to maintain and manage the Institutional Advancement Database (IAD), and to facilitate all technology needs of the development office. The Data & eSolutions team is as follows:

Peggy Parviainen, Manager, eSolutions
Tatiana Tsinko, Reporting Analyst – Analytics and Reporting
Maureen Mahon, Coordinator, DB Assist
Beverly Spencer
, Data Analyst, Data Governance

Kerri O’Loughlin, Data Analyst, eSolutions
China Marsh, Data Analyst, eSolutions
Russell Smith, Senior Data Analyst, Data Governance

Jenson Quon, Data Analyst, eSolutions

Xiangpei Guo, Data Analyst, Analytics and Reporting

Tim Murray, Technical Analyst, Application Development
Tawheeda Chowdhury, Data Analyst, Data Governance
Gord Austin, Data Analyst, Data Governance
Sandeep Banerjee, Assistant Data Analyst, Projects
Asif Khokhar, Data Analyst, Data Governance

Pauline Chen, Daniela Spago, Isabel Lara, and Ryan Lu-ngo are students who provide assistance with data integrity and projects.

To contact the Data & eSolutions team please email them at dbassist@ucalgary.ca or visit the Contact Us link.


Contact dbassist@ucalgary.ca or call 403-220-7500 to arrange for personalized training for your needs..

Planning Ahead… Special Event Preparation and Raiser’s Edge
Data & eSolutions would like to be your first call when you are planning something special for your unit that requires data to be coded and tracked in Raiser’s Edge. If you contact us, we can guide you through a process that will result in efficient tracking with more comprehensive and meaningful data in the end. So give us a call!

Thanks for visiting the RE HELP desk!
For general inquiries or to make a suggestion about Raiser's Edge,
email us at dbassist@ucalgary.ca


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